Flexi-Pave is a revolutionary product that is changing the way municipalities, engineers, and architects think about porous pavement.

Laub's Landscaping is an official licensed installer of the Flexi Pave Product.  For installation information click below:  

Flexi Pave is a three part mix of clean recycled car tires, granite and a proprietary binder. Once the mix is cured, it becomes very durable, extremely porous and has multiple benefits:
 • Porosity rate of over 2,400 gallons per hour per square feet.
 • Will not crack or split
 • Resistance to almost all chemicals
 • Slip resistance
 • Flexibility to pour into multiple environments
 • Solution for storm water management.
 • Reduce maintenance and liabilities for tripping and falling
 • Meets ADA Guidelines

Flexi Pave Installers

Flexi Pave is the perfect product for areas such as:

• Tree surrounds
•  Trails
• Cart paths
• Parking Lots  

• Medians
• Erosion control
• Side walks

Flexi Pave Installers
 With all of the benefits, there is no reason not to incorporate Flexi Pave or Flexi mulch into your next project.  
 You may visit the manufacturer at KBIUS.com for further information.


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